theft of images

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 13 Dec 2004 10:53:12 PST
Dear Hans-Werner or should we be saying haweha?

Welcome to our pbs list. I hope you will introduce yourself and tell us 
where you are from and what you grow.

Our list does not allow attachments, but we have created a wiki where 
members can upload their images so that anyone who wants to can go online 
to view them. Most of them can be seen here:…

The images remain the property of the photographer, but there is no way we 
can protect them from people saving them to their own computer. 
Occasionally someone who is surfing the net becomes aware that someone has 
copied the images and is now using them on a commercial site. I expect that 
many of our photographers would grant permission to use their images if 
they are credited as the photographer and asked first.  Others might not, 
but the point is that permission is needed. This is the second site we have 
found where wiki pictures are illustrating bulbs someone is selling. The 
first one removed the pictures when we asked them to do so. In a quick look 
I had last night I found six wiki images, but suspect there are more. I 
like the idea of everyone looking for their own pictures since each of you 
will have a better idea of what you have posted and asking them to be 
removed, but I did ask for the group that all images copied from our pbs 
wiki be taken off their web site. I pointed out that anyone who sells bulbs 
would not want to offend the group of people most likely to buy them.

I got a response this morning that a third party had delivered a group of 
images and that some of them were incorporated into the web site. He was 
embarrassed to get my letter and is sorry and has changed the site and is 
removing the images.

Mary Sue

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