Crocus laevigatus in wet/hot summer areas

Alberto Castillo
Fri, 10 Dec 2004 17:20:01 PST

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>Subject: [pbs] Crocus laevigatus in wet/hot summer areas
>Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 03:00:30 -0500
>Can anyone tell me about my chances of success with this plant here in the 
>hot and wet SE USA.  I have placed it in my "dry" garden with the best 
>drainage I can provide it.  It has already put out its first bloom for me.  
>I just want to see it again next year bigger and better.  I'm also 
>considering planting much more of it in less ideal locations.

Dear Steve:

Here near Buenos Aires we are roughly zone 9b with year round rains (on the 
abundant side). I have grown for many years laevigatus, goulimyi, niveus, 
kotschyanus, hadriaticus, cartwrightianus, biflorus, and a number of others 
without lifting the comrs for the summer. They were repotted every late 
spring to clean old tiisues,roots, tunics,etc. without changing the mix only 
adding more perlite to compensate for any settling.  Mix was 2/3 crushed 
rock in two sizes. They were in big pots plunged in a raised bed and had 
only morning sun in summer, hence my success : they were never extremely hot 
while wet.I am not implying that they are better without being dry in summer 
but in an extremely drained mix they are not likely to rot if given some 
protection from afternoon sun.
All the best


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