Introduction to the members of the Pacific Bulb Society

Hans-Werner Hammen
Mon, 13 Dec 2004 17:55:26 PST
        Dear Mary Sue

Thank you very much for welcoming me and for your explanations on the 
subject "theft of images"

        and hello everybody

I am Hans-Werner Hammen. I am biologist and 47 years old. I am living in 
Duesseldorf, West Germany, climatic zone 7.
My favourite subject is the plant family of Amaryllidaceae and in particular 
the gardeners amaryllis. As I am not having an own garden I grow my plants 
at home (under fluorescent and HP metal halide lamps). I am now having the 
last 8 years' experience in cultivating and propagating amaryllis from seeds 
and I am more hungry than ever of informations on this subject and in 
particular in strategies of hippeastrum breeding.
I confess that I am putting rather big hope in this forum to meet seriously 
interested (amateur)breeders of amaryllis as I am. I can say clearly that I 
like very much to share my experiences with the members - for me, having 
"secrets" as an amateur is something like a funny imagination. On the other 
side, the actual subject of stolen images makes me reflect a little bit on 
this view. But... for the last my heart is full with amaryllis and with 
details about it, respectively, and therefore I have certainly much 
interesting things to tell about the subject.
Actually my target of interest is breeding with species and cultivars within 
the Omphalissa group of Hippeastrum. I am in this moment waiting for the 
results of crossbreedings of  H. alicum v.robustum, H.papilio, H.cyb.Hybrid 
"Chico" with each other and as far as possible with tetraploid hybrids, too. 
In  general I am now following the "trend" in hippeastrum breeding and 
raising mainly diploid (and triploid) seedlings.

Kindest regards and best wishes to all members of the Pacific Bulb Society
....and adding my personal wish of fruitful information exchange


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