Favorite White Flowers

Gilbert Nancy L Contr 9 CES/CEC Nancy.Gilbert@beale.af.mil
Mon, 27 Dec 2004 12:40:53 PST
As I have been reading about all the members' favorite white flowers, I am
reminded of how lovely it always is to discover Lilium washingtonianum
growing in its native Sierra Nevada habitat. The most beautiful display I
have seen is in Plumas County, California at about 4500 foot elevation where
there were over fifty large plants blooming along about a mile of road in a
disturbed woodland. The white trumpets rose a couple of feet above low
shrubs and the fragrance was divine. We have since returned to this site on
three occasions and only found one plant. We fear these lilies may have been
dug up by an irresponsible gardener/collector, as they were so conspicuous
and easy to take. We see this fairly often with the wild lilies- very sad.
Nancy Gilbert
Grass Valley, California

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