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	Winter damage is quite a can of worms to open.  Even nutrition and proper
pH are factors in winter hardiness since they affect the electrical
conductivity of a plants cell wall.  A weak electrical charge in plant
cells opens the plant to many types of damage in addition to cold.

	Plants do not feel a wind chill factor...this was a formula to describe
the temperatures that humans "feel" on their skin.  As Ken pointed out,
wind and sun can desicate an evergreen plant when it causes water to
evaporate from the leaves (possibly stems) while the roots are frozen and
cannot take up water.  Evergreens not exposed to wind or sun when the roots
are frozen would be less likely to desicate.

	I don't have knowledge of containerized soils making a difference in
potted plant hardiness.  It is well documented that plant roots are far
less hardy than bulbs or crowns.  We usually figure that plants are about
25-30 degrees F less hardy when container grown.  Some folks have developed
insulated containers to avoid this problem.

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