John Lonsdale john@johnlonsdale.net
Tue, 14 Dec 2004 16:50:32 PST
That's interesting!  Earlier this year I was given a few bulbs, sans name,
of a double Leucojum vernum which is in a well-known private garden in
Swarthmore.  I wonder if they are one and the same.  The same friend gave me
a few bulbs of a newly named snowdrop which is in flower now, called
Potter's Prelude.  It seems to be of the elwesii flavor, but extremely early
for that group here.


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    The cv 'Gertrude Wister' occurred in the garden of the eponymous lady
and is a double-flowered form.  GW was a noted plantsman and wife of the
famed John C Wister of Swarthmore College and its associated arboretum.

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