Haemanthus TOW

Angelo Porcelli ang.por@aliceposta.it
Fri, 10 Dec 2004 05:35:55 PST
I only grow albiflos and coccineus and this last is very easy for me. I grow them indifferently in the ground or in pots. I have at least 7 flowering size coccineus in a large terracotta bowl of 40cm across, but not so deep (azalea pot?). These were originally two bulbs, which I have never split so far. Now they are more then 10 and the largest ones flower every September. In the ground they grow even better, with huge leaves. To be honest, I don't look them so often, as they grow on their own here. Only, I have to water the ones in pot from time to time even in winter, because the mass of leaves is so wide to hide totally the pot, not allowing rain to pass. At the start of growing cycle I spread a good fertilizer 15-9-15 + minors and that's all.
In a Mediterranean climate coccineus is virtually a care-free plant (I simply adore these !) and can lives eons in the ground. I saw in Sicily, in an old garden, a clump with 27 flowers and the plant was in place...maybe before Christ !!

One time I asked on this forum if coccineus was self sterile or not and some though it was. But now I have found that it set seeds from a single clone, but not every year. 

best regards
Angelo Porcelli
south of Italy

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