Leucojum vernum cultivar

Rodger Whitlock totototo@pacificcoast.net
Wed, 15 Dec 2004 16:26:35 PST
On 14 Dec 04 at 15:12, Jane McGary wrote:

> A correspondent in the UK... wrote to me asking if...

> You can write directly to her at... or you can discuss the plant
> here on the list and I'll forward the information to her.

It would be better, much, much better, both for the pbslist and for 
those non-subscribers who have relevant questions, if they were 
encouraged to sign up, ask their questions themselves, and take full 
part in the list activities.

I am reminded of those blithe souls who sail into a newsgroup, ask 
their question, and depart with a breezy "please send me a reply by 
email, I'm too busy to watch the group for replies."

This usually produces a spate of tart in-group replies that say 
"Here's your answer, I hope you're reading because I'm not emailing 
it. If this newsgroup is good enough to ask your question in, it's 
good enough to watch for answers."

Of course, the present situation isn't the same, but as I say, it has 
a more than passing similarity. Mutatis mutandis, the same reply 
might be in order.

All this IMHO, of course. I kowtow in the direction of Our Maximal 
Leadrix, Mme. Ittner, with all due respect and acknowledgment of Her 
Supreme Authority.

[For those puzzled by the previous paragraph, I suggest a quick 
course of study on "The Use of Capitalization for Humorous Purposes 
on the Internet."]

Rodger Whitlock
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Maritime Zone 8, a cool Mediterranean climate

on beautiful Vancouver Island

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