Cold Treatment of Crocus

Brian Whyer
Wed, 22 Dec 2004 01:41:34 PST
As regards forcing, or delaying crocus, why not ask someone like Avon
bulbs who do it every year for the Chelsea flower show, although that is
end of May. Don't I recall a BBC gardeners world many years ago when
they slipped a flowering pot of crocus into a summer garden, much to the
disgust of the presenter at the time. You might also point out that as
crocus have no significant flower stem they are not easy to use in a
bouquet, except maybe as the whole plant. I think silk flowers are the

Brian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, England, zone ~8

> "I come from Croydon in South London (UK);  the town's name is
Anglo-Saxon for
> saffron or crocus valley.  Being born & bred in Croydon, I would like
to use a crocus
> in my wedding bouquet next summer (3 July in Norfolk), but are there
any species
> that flower this late?  If so, where can I get some bulbs or the
growing plant from?
> Is it possible to force or otherwise trick a particular variety of
Crocus into flowering
> later (i.e. in the summer) ?
> I should be grateful for any help you can give me."

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