Ferraria--PBS TOW

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 21 Dec 2004 11:15:10 PST
Dear Jim S. and all,

The Ferraria uncinata from me is really just F. crispa, but a nice smelling 
one. I had trusted my IBS seed source and was thrown off by the smell since 
it is not supposed to smell good, but Julian told me it was crispa and as I 
struggled through the key I could see he was correct.

I never ever got it to bloom in a pot. Like you it just offset like mad. I 
tried to turn it into a summer grower since someone from Seattle on the IBS 
list said that worked for him, but had no luck. So I planted it out, first 
in a raised bed and then in the ground. Under those conditions it bloomed 
and some years for months and months, but it also offset madly, especially 
in the raised bed so blooming did not discourage that. And in a bed they 
migrated so it was easy for them to end up next to something smaller they 
could over power. But the long bloom, the vanilla-like smell, and the 
intriguing flowers made me reluctant to toss them so they went in the 
ground. The one from the BX courtesy of Diana that blooms for you never 
bloomed for me in a container either so it has been planted out.

I'd really be interested in hearing from those people who bloom these 
successfully in a container. My F. crispa ssp. nortierii blooms in a 
container (sown in fall 98, it bloomed spring 2001 for the first time). I 
suspect some of the others are too young to bloom, but F. schaeferi I 
obtained from Telos a year ago had robust looking leaves, but no flowers. 
I'm hoping it will bloom this year.

I hadn't thought of F. crispa being a weed, but I think Lee might be 
correct, at least in Southern California areas with little frost. Where it 
is colder in a cold year, ones in growth would surely die. Perhaps not ones 
sitting the year out under ground however.

Mary Sue

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