Favorite White Flowered Bulbs--TOW

Corey Thompson cjthomp48@yahoo.com
Mon, 27 Dec 2004 11:31:40 PST
Tops on my list of favorite white-flowered bulbs is
the genus Hymenocallis.  I am having a wonderful time
overwintering several pot-grown evergreen species and
cultivars in a bright, southern windowsill and can't
wait till they send up their stalks of elegant,
fragrant white flowers this coming spring or summer. 
The one that has bloomed for me so far, 'Tropical
Giant', has seduced me forever.  

Next is the Eucharis cultivar called 'Christine'. 
While I do not know its origins, it is much more
compact than regular Amazon lily and it sends up
spikes of deliciously fragrant white flowers almost
like clockwork every three or four months. 

And finally comes Neomarica gracilis.  Although not
really a bulb and the flowers are only partially
white, I wanted to include this because it is one of
the easiest and most graceful houseplants I have ever
grown.  I have a large 10" pot filled to the brim with
this species and each and every fan is currently
sending out one of those modified leaves which
includes flower buds.  I love the elegant shape and
sweet, gentle fragrance of these flowers and the
winter show gets better with each passing year.  

Happy New Year to all,
Chicago, Illinois     

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