AW: [pbs] Twin Scaling of Galanthus

Hans und Babs Joschko
Wed, 08 Dec 2004 01:14:39 PST
Hi Bulbplantfriends ,
Many thanks for all your answers to Bill , Stefan , Matt and John .
To your answers :
chlorothalonil - this is difficould for me to receive , it is in BRAVO 500 -
only for farmers .
sodium hydrochlorite - I dont know what this is - I have it not found in
german internet pages .I will send you some informations to Twin Scaling .
Dithane ( 945  ) I know this fungizid - the active is Mancoceb - not
Carbendazim .
I think I will try it with this - I have it .
To Carbendazim : A other plantfriend give me this information also - I have
found in the internet :
This active is in :ROVRAL,HARVESAN,DEROSAL....and some others , this will
also used by farmers.
Greetings to all

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