Leucojum aestivum

Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Thu, 16 Dec 2004 17:41:31 PST
Mary Sue wrote,

>I grow this plant [Leucojum vernum] in the ground in Northern California 
>and my soil is acid. It is growing in a site that is not watered in summer 
>unless there are some drops from overflow from plants that I water in 
>containers in my lath area that are near. ... On the other hand, Acis 
>(Leucojum) autumnale never returned when I planted it out. It does finein 
>a container. But I give it some summer water and expect it was too dry for 
>it in the ground.

I'll bet the L. vernum is getting some overflow. Acis autumnalis, however, 
does fine here in utterly dry summer conditions, since I weed it out of my 
bulb frames all the time and throw it hither and yon, where it takes root 
and grows if the bulbs happen to get covered up with just about anything. 
Strange indeed. I think I get more rain in winter than Mary Sue does, and 
it's quite a bit colder too.

Jane McGary'
Northwestern Oregon

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