Cyrtanthus elatus

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 13 Dec 2004 20:33:15 PST
Hi Matt,

I was at the Symposium, but was not a major bidder. Robert Parker, on the 
other hand, was helping out IBS quite a lot and I expect he purchased a lot 
of the Cyrtanthus, one of his favorites. So hopefully he will respond to 
your question (in text).

Did you look at Bill Dijk's pictures on the wiki?…
He has added a lot of Cyrtanthus hybrid pictures. Many of them are so 
striking. Lee also has a picture of a hybrid C. elatus on that page that I 
keep hoping to rename once someone agrees it is an elatus hybrid. Does 
yours look like his? He didn't say where he got it.

I was thinking it is a strange (but very satisfying) time of year to be in 
bloom, but I have two flowering stalks about to open on a Cyrtanthus 
mackenii in my greenhouse that has never bloomed this time of year before.

We have a lot of instructions on the wiki about how to use it:… is a good place 
to start.

But I will also send you some abbreviated instructions again so you can add 
your picture for everyone to see.

Mary Sue

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