Conanthera, Spiloxene on wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 02 Dec 2004 07:57:44 PST
Hi All,

Some time ago I added a couple of pictures of yellow flowered Spiloxene 
capensis to the wiki that my husband had photographed in South Africa when 
we visited August-September 2003. One he photographed at the IBSA display 
table (next to an Oxalis) with a dark center and another he photographed at 
Alan Hortsmann's. This latter has a light yellow green almost iridescent 
center. I also added a picture of a S. canaliculata with pollinator at 
Gordon Summerfield's that did not have the usual dark center. I think 
Spiloxenes are so stunning. I just wish I found them easier from seed. I 
also added some pictures of the very distinctive corms.…

Bill Dijk is off hiking the Milford Track, but before he left he sent me a 
little text and some Conanthera pictures for the wiki to illustrate one of 
his favorite blue flowers. He promises to add some more pictures on his 

Mary Sue

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