Frost Report
Fri, 24 Dec 2004 10:02:53 PST

Here is a bit of a damage report on some plants that I'm wintering outside 
(pots or in the ground).    Temperatures dropped to about 23 F (-5 C) early this 
week; altogether there was about 12 hours of below freezing weather (below 32 
F), followed by a sunny day.  See the lists below for damage reports.  These 
reports are for small plants, plants that are 1 or 2 years old.  

Today will be a real test for them, it has not gone above 32 F yet (by noon) 
and temperatures of 19 F (-7 C) are possible tonight.  Tonight I'll cover the 
Nerine, the Renga, and the 2 Cyrtanthus.  

1.  Nerine sarniensis (hybrid of some sort):  survived just fine-leaves 
collapsed but are perking up fine.  

2.  Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus:  survived just fine-a couple of leaves were 

3.  Cyrtanthus sanguineus:  leaves killed to the ground-bulbs seem OK.

4.  Crinum erubescens:  no damage (in the ground)

5.  C. bulbispermum:  no damage (in the ground or in pots)

6.  All other Crinum:  most leaves killed to the ground

7.  Various rain lilies:  no damage (in pots or in ground)

8.  Arthropodium cirratum (renga lily):  leaves burnt (year old seedlings)

9.  Grass aloes (cooperi, myriacantha, ecklonis):   no damage


Conroe Joe

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