Cyrtanthus elatus

J.E. Shields
Fri, 17 Dec 2004 14:19:00 PST
Hi Paul, Matt and all,

Those are fine looking flowers, Matt!  I wish I had bought more plants at 
that symposium myself.

The bulbs I have of Cyrtanthus [montanus X elatus] have almost always been 
infertile too.  I got luck one single time, pollinating one bulb's flowers 
onto the flowers of another of the bulbs that was in bloom at the same time 
and the reverse.  One of the two plants set two pods, and I got maybe 6 
seeds.  The last time I checked, the pot of those seedlings had 4 nice 
bulbs in it, ca. 1 inch in diameter.  I'm very curious to see what their 
eventual flowers will look like, and to see if these F2 plants are more 
fertile than their parents.  In a few more years.....

Jim Shields
in central Indiana

At 09:52 PM 12/17/2004 +0000, Paul wrote:
>Matt and all,
>I suspect that what you have got is a Cyrtanthus elatus x falcatus, or C.
>falcatus x elatus hybrid.
>............ There are 8-10 flowers per scape.  Unfortunately, despite my best
>efforts, they all seem to be infertile.
>Dr Paul Chapman, Wallington, Surrey, UK

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