Lachenalia Seedling Report, and Queries
Tue, 14 Dec 2004 15:49:45 PST

We only get 6 or 10 nights each year when temperatures fall below 32 F (zero 
C).  I think that, in time, my Lachenalia will be able to take most of these 
nights in stride, especially because some are obviously hardy to 18-20 F or so, 
and some are reported to take even colder temperatures.  Nonetheless, some 
(most ?) are clearly only hardy to 28 F or so.  I guess a lot depends upon where 
the seed came from; high, middle, or low elevations--as well as cultural 

So, I'm babying my seedling Lachenalia plants from last winter.  They are 
small and happy in the fall weather, but I don't want to give them an excuse to 
slow down.  I brought the pots in last night (about 30 F), and have done so 
again for tonight (predicted to be about 25 F, ca. -4 C).  I plan to bring them 
in any night that temperatures are predicted to go below 32 F.  Eventually, my 
goal is to have pot plants will be kept outdoors on a sunny porch essentially 
all winter (all but the coldest days).  I think adult plants, not in bloom, 
will take mid-20s easily (we'll find out).  

I have 4 or 5 Lachenalia species that germinated easily, about last February. 
 This year I have more species that I hope to get into the seed pots ASAP, in 
an effort to provide them with a longer growing season than last year.  

Question:  Can anyone recommend an all around soil mix for Lachenalia 
seedlings?  I plan to leave them in the mix for 2-3 years-until they are potted up 
into 6 to 10-inch clay pots.  Last year I used a mix that was 50% coarse sand 
and 50% compost and I wonder if this is OK.  

Question:  I took photos of the seedlings (tiny leaves ½ or 1 inch tall), but 
don't know if I'll get around to posting them.  If anyone out there wants the 
raw photos, and is willing to post them, please let me know (Jay ?).


Conroe Joe
Sunny days, nights with light frost, warming expected in a day or two

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