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John Bryan
Tue, 28 Dec 2004 10:25:49 PST
Thanks David. 

This question of temperature in pots is interesting as I often wonder if
different soil mixes are warmer than others and if such should be taken
into account when preparing soil mixes. I do not know if anything has
been written about this subject. It might have a bearing on adaptation
of mixes for colder climates a subject that is perhaps worth thinking
about, as would the best containers to use, terra-cotta, versus plastic
etc. Cheers, John E. Bryan

David Victor wrote:
> >John Bryan wrote
> >
> >It would be interesting to know the temperature in the pots after a cold
> >night, any way you can find out just how cold the soil mix was in the
> >pots? Cheers, John E. Bryan
> I can't add much more than I wrote before, as I don't put probes into pots,
> I merely record highs/lows over 24 hour periods.  Over the last week or so
> I have recorded minus three on two nights and minus four on one - external
> temperatures were down to minus seven for five or six hours on one night,
> with winds of 10-15 mph (I live on a hill and the greenhouse is reasonably
> exposed.  The greenhouse itself is a 10m long structure, with metre high
> benching.  As I said before, most of the bulbs I grow in it are in one
> litre pots, which sit on the plunge.  Composts are soil based, with added
> grit.  There are a mixture of summer, winter and evergreen bulbs, nearly
> all in it are from South Africa and South America.  Many of them do sit in
> areas that have a second covering of horticultural fleece, but many are in
> the open on metal staging.
> I do not water at all during cold periods, but try to give them a good
> soaking as soon as a mild period arises.  Its starting to warm up again
> tomorrow, so it will be watering day.
> Hope that helps.
> Best regards,
> David Victor
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