TOW Haemanthus

Thomas Glavich
Sat, 11 Dec 2004 17:08:50 PST
The safest way is to take them out of the pot or ground as a group.  Work the roots mostly free from the pup.  Gently pull the pup off.  If it doesn't come, try cutting part way on both sides of the pup.  Try not to break the bulb or the pup.  It should come free reasonably easy.
To ship,  clean the pup off with a hose.  Let it dry.  Leave the leaves on if they are short and you're not shipping far.  If they are really long, trim them back and let the cuts dry.  There is a lot of energy in a good size pup, so you don't have to worry.
Wrap it in paper towels then newspaper.  Ship it Priority mail or Fedex, or some other reasonably fast method.  Its not a good idea to ship these to an area where there is extremely cold weather.  A light frost won't hurt the bulb, but a hard freeze could get to it.
I would wait until after the holidays to ship.

Robert Werra <> wrote:
Dear All, When and how should you take offsets of
Haemanthus albiflos? How should you send them to a
fellow bulb nut. Sincerely, Bob Werra No. Calif.
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