Haemanthus TOW

Cameron McMaster cameron@haznet.co.za
Thu, 09 Dec 2004 22:59:11 PST
It has been very interesting reading of other's experiences with 
Haemanthus.  Mary Sue's comprehensive commentary was excellent.  Virus is 
common especially in H albiflos and we have had to destroy a number of 
plants - this is the only solution because they degenerate and die in few 
years, and one needs to eliminate the infected plants to stop possible 
spreading of the virus.  I have seldom seen virus in other species.

We grow all ours in pots with mature bulbs in 20cm diam pots (H humilis 
"Giant" needs much bigger pots).  Mature bulbs of most species flower 
annually with us.  How much to water is always a question - but a good rule 
is the one suggested - water when actively growing - and good drainage is 
essential.   Winter rainfall species should be kept quite dry when dormant, 
but summer rainfall species should not be allowed to dry out completely.

I was interested in Tom Glavich's observation of the different form of H 
albiflos from Cradock.  This is a very dry region and our experience is 
that this form with the rounder, tougher, grey leaves is more prevalent in 
the dry regions and is much more tolerant of full sun.  H albiflos, being 
so widespread and occurring in many different habitats, is variable (but 
not as variable as H humilis).

Cameron McMaster

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