Arum maculatum photos added

Tue, 03 Feb 2004 05:23:09 PST
Jamie Vande    Cologne    Germany    Zone 8

I just loaded a few shots of A. maculatum, a native to the woods in my area.  As of now, these are only foliage shots, but blossoms and seed will be added as the season progresses.  I must confess to a weakness for this Arum, as it is particularly attractive when sunlight reaches its translucent foliage.  It is extremely variable in leaf form as well as spotting, all in the same colonies.  Considering plants in their native habitats really gives one insight into their cultivation.  The forest floors where this species is abundant is a sandy loam covered with a heavy litter of beech leaves.  It is very open and friable, and other than in the late Summer, always moist and cool.  The tubers are found directly under the loam surface, their roots spreading horizontally out.  Due to the heavy leaf cover, they are well protected and close to impossible to locate out of leaf!


Jamie V

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