Galanthus, Crocosmia, Amaryllis & South Africa.

John Bryan
Mon, 09 Feb 2004 09:47:28 PST
Dear All:

As I traveled in Devon, England last week, Galanthus nivalis were in
full flower, in the hedges, alongside the lanes, in the lawns of
gardens, in full sun and in shady areas. The markings on the inner
perianth segments varied as did the shape of the outer segments. I am of
the opinion that geographical variations are many and varied. I would
like to have the time to note all such, being convinced that there are
many 'forms' occurring naturally. The height of the plants also varied
considerably. David Fenwick and I talked about this over dinner. For
those of you who have never met David, let me say he is a grand person
and has a very wide knowledge of plants. His comments regarding
Crocosmia, are fascinating, and he recently found a new form on Drake's
Island, located in Plymouth Sound. His research into the distribution of
Amaryllis belladonna will, I am sure, be of interest to many. I would
suggest he be asked to write about this and about the Crocosmia finding
so we all can learn more about these plants. David has the ability to
describe in an easy understandable way complex matters. I think him for
a delightful evening that kept my companions who were not gardeners or
interested in bulbs, fascinated. 

On another matter, I will, God willing, be leading a tour to Southern
Africa in September, from the 6th to the 24th. Any person interested
should contact me privately at and I will be glad to
send a brochure. Do not forget to give me the snail mail address to
which it should be sent. Cheers, John E. Bryan

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