Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 03 Feb 2004 07:38:13 PST
Hi All,

This post came from Lyn Edwards in Australia. For some reason I can't 
figure out yet it was received as a bounce so I am sending it for her.

Mary Sue
	I am enjoying this topic very much, this has become one my very favourite
bulbs,I love it in the garden when it is the only bulb flowering and when it
is joined by other small early flowering bulbs -Crocus and Eranthis come to
mind, this is the middle of summer so I've probably missed some others that
grow at the same time too.
	In my southern hemisphere garden G. reginae olgae usually sends up its
flowers in May and is followed by a succession of cultivars and species till
early September.Having plants flowering throughout winter is wonderful,on my
suburban quarter acre block I shall never have the wonderful swathes of
snowdrops we see in English gardening magazines but I am very happy with
what I have and add to the collection whenever possible.
	Most do well and increase here under deciduous Magnolias and weeping
Japanese Maples which give shade protection from the fierce summer
conditions and with severe water restrictions in force have priority in what
watering is allowed.
	We are fortunate in that Narcissus fly has not reached Canberra yet so the
only pests I have to contend with are slugs and snails which don't seem to
be a real problem and blackbirds which are, scattering newly planted bulbs
and those which have become crowded and near the surface  everywhere.
	As to favourites, thats just about impossible, but I am particularly fond
of G.woronowii
which is the smallest I have and increases very well and some old favourites
such as Magnet and S.Arnott.A newer cultivar, Otto Fauser, is probably my
favourite among the larger flowered snowdrops,
Lyn Edwards
Canberra 8 USDA

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