John Grimshaw
Mon, 02 Feb 2004 15:08:27 PST
Boyce Tankersley wrote:

>Now for the 'dumb' question of the day. In all of the years of hybridizing Galanthus, have there been any reports of plants with yellow petals instead of white?

Yes, there have. There is a clone of G. elwesii, 'Joy Cozens' in which the outer segments are tinged faintly orange, most noticeable in bud, but recognizable in the mature flower as well. G. 'Joan Weighell' is lime-cream-tinged in the outer segments, again mostly when young, while in G. nivalis 'Chadwick's Cream' they are cream-coloured.  All of these have normal white inner segments with various green marks.

In addition, there is a wonderful recent discovery from France with yellow markings plus yellow tips on the outer segments, but I can't recall its name and it's too late to call anyone. G. elwesii 'Carolyn Elwes' also sometimes does yellow tips.

So there is some potential for more lively colours!

Selfing is necessary to get a proportion of yellow seedlings from yellow parents: the genetics seem to be complicated and not a simple recessive/dominant situation.

John Grimshaw

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