Tiny Bulbs

Cathy Craig cathycraigea@hotmail.com
Sat, 14 Feb 2004 09:37:52 PST
In response to Jane McGary, Diana Chapman wrote:  "Leucojum roseum is very 
tiny and
delightful with pink glistening flowers.  This Leucojum is so small it has
to be grown in a pot or trough."

I have a raised bed that is about 10 ft across, curcular, having a Dragon's 
Blood tree (huge succulent grown into a tree) in the center. I originally 
made this bed for hippeastrum bulbs and it is half or more very coarse 
cilica sand. There is no water beyond my hosing it when I think of it - 
which can't be more than 12 times a year. In desperation for fear of losing 
the bulbs in a pot amongst hundreds of pots, I put my L. roseum bulbs 
together in this bed. I am amazed when each year they come back and bloom. 
Surely they have foliage but if so it is so small and sparse and disappears 
so quickly I can't now recall seeing it. However; they bloom reliably every 
year around early December I think and the blooms come up with no visible 
foliage...which is just as well as the blooms are quite small on stiff 
upright stems with the approximate diameter of a darning needle. The are 
very cute and the stems are about 4-5 inches, hooked at the top like a 
shepherd's crook, with nodding pink bells. Perfect for a trough I'd say. I 
don't think they have increased but neither have they declined in numbers 
over the 3 or 4 years they have been in there now. One would need half a 
dozen planted perhaps an inch apart.

Cathy Craig EA

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