BAH! - Babiana

Kenneth Hixson
Thu, 19 Feb 2004 11:33:09 PST
HI, All:
>	I'll echo Jim S's comments about Babiana, too. I find them 
>worthless here in pots, cool greenhouse, cold frame trying to get 
>them to bloom any way. My friend, the late Bob Ward, had very good 
>luck protecting them in Little Rock Arkansas.
>	Mary Sue mentioned changing hemispheres. I'd bet these 
>bargain bags of Babiana are all Dutch grown and are as much on 
>northern cycles as they get.

	I also bought these, to try in my Z7, western Oregon garden.
they came from a seedhouse in South Carolina and arrived in the spring.
I first put them in a gallon pot, got leaves, no flowers.  Carryed them
through the winter with protection from freezing, still no flowers.
Planted them in the ground.  They lasted another year or so, but never
	I also assumed they had been imported from Holland.

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