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            A number of changes in nomenclature were presented at a conference on the iridaceae that I attended in Rome about 4 years ago. Last year the proceedings were finally published in the Italian Annals of Botany ( Anali Botanica).  Unfortunately I have misplaced my copy and I wanted to cite this reference for another purpose a couple of weeks ago but the Missouri Botanical Garden could not find their copy when I went their a couple of weeks ago. They left a message on my answering machine that they have located their copy but I haven’t had a chance to get back. There were only about two dozen of us in attendance at this conference organized by Prof. Maretta Colasante and was inspired by the symposium I held at the Missouri Botanical Gardens a few years before. The article making these changes is part of a large ongoing study of monocotyledons and in particular Iris, by the Chase group at Jodrell labs at Kew. They have released a number of preliminary results in this paper and
 at the New Zealand symposium on Irises a year ago. As soon as I can get the exact reference I will send it. Another provocative result of their work is the removal of Iridaceae from the order Liliales to the order Asparagles this new assessment is rarely reflected on most phylogenetic websites and has made me somewhat cynical about most data on the internet. Even when hosted by reputable sources. Of course I am just as ignorant when it comes to a lot of dicot families. Actually I understand that the dicots are now considered polyphyletic. 

Jane McGary <janemcgary@earthlink.net> wrote:///Robert/ Pries wrote:
>Not that it really matters but I always found Hermodactylus to be a mouth 
>full. Fortunately this plant has been returned to the genus Iris and is 
>now Iris tuberosa.

Robert, will you please provide the citation for that change?

Thanks, Jane McGary

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