Dwarf Tulipa

Arnold Trachtenberg arnold@nj.rr.com
Fri, 20 Feb 2004 09:56:42 PST
Many of Mark's comments mirror my feelings as well.  The large showy 
tulips approach garish costumes at times and they frequently dwindle.  I 
have planted and kept a number of species tulips that have persisted and 
flower regularly every year.  My favorite at the moment is  Tulipa 
ferganica followed closely by Tulipa acuminata.

Others that have done well:

T. altaica
T. aucheriana
T. bakeri
T. clusiana
T. humilis
T. tarda
T. urumiensis

Planted in normal garden soil with a handful of grit added below each  bulb.

New Jersey

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