Hardiness in Genera (was African plants, Silverhill seeds, etc.)

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Sat, 07 Feb 2004 10:15:21 PST
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> Silverhill rates hardiness based on their own experience--exactly what you
> want from a catalog, rather than over-optomistic offerings from some other
> catalogs.


Well said, Ken.  

I think Jim S. has pointed out an important factor in hardiness ratings, we 
all know what that factor is, moisture.  If I don't pay attention to drainage, 
or rain shelter, or even protection from humidity, I can't grow some plants 
successfully.  Sometimes they die in midwinter and it might be supposed they 
were victims of cold, but they are victims of "cool and damp."  

It is common enough knowledge in cactus and succulent culture that cold hardy 
cacti are often not hardy if they are not kept on the dry side in winter-or 
at least provided with exquisite drainage.  And, I'm sure as I learn more, I'll 
find out the same amongst the growers of certain bulbs.  Cultural concerns I 
never considered while growing up in a different climate, are of paramount 
concern here near Houston.  

As far as cold-hardiness goes, I think I'll try Jim's offer for testing.  
Crinum americanum is commonly found locally; I'll collect some starts from 
roadside ditches this spring and  send them off to Indiana.  Let me know if anyone 
else (in the USA) wants to try C. americanum.  

Anyone wanting C. americanum, just write to me separately.    


Joe Shaw, zone 9a, 50 inches of rain

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