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Fri, 13 Feb 2004 08:57:17 PST
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> L. squamigera, one of the hardiest with 3n=27 

The is frequently grown in and about the southernmost reaches of Imperial 
Russian Siberia -- aka Minnesota -- solidly UDSA Zone 4 and survives nicely, 
thank you!  I grew it in both a suburban garden and in a farm field North of the 
Twin Cities where it had nothing to protect itself from the January deep freeze 
but a barbed wire fence.  I cheated a bit, however, by letting the weed 
growth stay in the fall.  This two feet (+/-) acted as a most efficient snow catch 
with the result that if there was any amount of snow, the frequent winter 
winds would just blow the loose snow into the catch where it piled up and 
insulated anything underneath.  While I didn't have that in the former suburban 
garden, there was usually a winter mulch of several inches of straw to help stave 
off the worst of that lethal winter cold in those years where snow was scarce.  
I doubt that either of the people who bought our former properties have gone 
to any extra trouble with this Lycoris.  It wouldn't surprise me one bit that 
this one grows and blooms there still in both places.  Oh!, that it were only 

Dave Karnstedt
Silverton, OR (absolutely tropical, compared to the weather I left behind in 

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