Galanthus--TOW pests

John Grimshaw
Mon, 02 Feb 2004 10:00:30 PST
Luckily, as Jim Shields says, snowdrops are obnoxious to rodents and deer,
etc. Slugs will occasionally graze them, especially when newly planted 'in
the green', so appropriate measures should be taken.

Pheasants are annoying as they tweak off the heads, but do not usually
damage the plants. We have a lot of pheasants here.

John Grimshaw


From: "Kathy Stokmanis" <>
> I have a question about pest resistance, though.  Currently they are in
pots because I have a bad vole problem and because I wanted to keep an eye
on them until I know more about them.  Are they unappealing to voles,
gophers, deer, or am I just providing dessert if I plant them in the ground

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