Propagating Eucomis vandermerwei

David Fenwick
Tue, 03 Feb 2004 08:59:33 PST
Does anyone know whether Eucomis vandermerwei is best propagated from leaf
cuttings or vertical bulb sections?

Hi Ellen,
I've never done vertical bulb sections for E. vandermewei but I can tell you
that it is very easy from leaf cuttings.

I took some leaf cuttings of it late last year, probably September, and
these without extra heat have remained green all winter and I lots of new
bulbs emerging from each of the sections, even in temps down to -2C. In
comparison to the other species and hybrids I took at the same time I would
say E. vandermewei is one of the best and easiest to be done this way, and
especially if given a little extra heat.

Leaf cuttings were approx. 15 - 20mm long, thus about three- quarters of an
inch long. About 20 were placed in a 2 litre pot, and in a branded
multipurpose compost medium based on Irish Moss Peat.

Hope this helps.

Best Wishes,
Dave (Plymouth, UK)

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