Snowdrop Benhall Beauty

Jim McKenney
Wed, 25 Feb 2004 05:43:18 PST
Snowdrops are finally coming into bloom here in Maryland, and they are
reminding me that I have some long un-answered snowdrop questions which
members of the list may be able to answer. 

There is a nice clump here of Benhall Beauty. I'm happy to see that it
seems to agree with the photo posted on Mark Smyth's site. Snowdrops often
seem to change their identity when they depart the motherland, cross the
pond and take up residence here in the colonies. Perhaps they are involved
in witness-protection programs?

My bulbs came labeled Benhall Beauty, but I got into the perhaps bad habit
of calling them Benthall Beauty, after the home of urcroconut George Maw,
Benthall Hall. This raises two questions:

Is the name of the snowdrop properly Benhall Beauty or Benthall Beauty?

How is Benthall properly pronounced? Is it Bent-hall, Benth-all, Ben-thall
or something else? 

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland zone 7, where snowdrops are finally spreading
the milk of spring's kindness in the garden. 

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