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Liz Waterman lizwat@earthlink.net
Wed, 18 Feb 2004 11:25:33 PST
Some Oxalis do, others don't set seed.

O. corniculata does set seed abundantly.
  O. pes-caprae doesn't  set seed at all but still manages to multiply 
Have heard it is a pentaploid and uneven ploids are usually sterile.
This is way beyond my own knowledge.
This article on O. pes-caprae in our local paper was unusually accurate.

Shirley Meneice wrote:

> Anyone have the answer to this?
>     Shirley Meneice
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> Subject: Oxalis
> Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 20:38:02 EST
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> Dear Shirley,
>        With all your bulb knowledge, do Oxalis spread by seed (I don't 
> mean
> underground bulbils)?  Someone just said that they don't--but how else 
> do you
> get isolated patches all around? I looked in Corky's book and she 
> describes
> rooting at nodes, taproots, bulblets--but doesn't talk about fruit, 
> but her
> botanical drawings have seed pods.
> In John Bryan's new book he says you don't need to think of other 
> forms of
> propagation because of the prolific production of offset bulbs.  Then 
> he says:
> Sow seed in spring....Even small offsets will flower after l season's 
> growth."
>        What do you think? If you are rushed, can you just e-mail this to
> someone in the bulb society?  Oxalis is getting to be a big problem on 
> the front
> ranch, so that is why the subject came up.
>                 Many thanks and all the best, Diana
> Corky lists O.pes-caprae, o.albicans ssp.pilosa,o.corniculata,
> O.laxa
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