Kathy Stokmanis
Thu, 19 Feb 2004 10:22:53 PST
I unfortunately planted my Babiana stricta in a large, deep pot with summer growers.  They have lush green foliage right now and are in partial shade where ithey only get midday sun (tall pines block the sun the rest of the time).  They bloom beautifully then the foliage burns, even with the short sun exposure.  Then they get watered all summer because of the other plants in the pot but still come back in the late fall.  I really need to get them moved into another pot but they obviously love this climate.  We get the occasional light frost but the Babiana is sheltered by the tall pines.  The temperature rarely falls below 25 F and we haven't had snow for two years.

Kathy S.  
Sunset zone 8/9, winter rain, summer hot and dry.

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