Cardamine photos

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 29 Feb 2004 07:50:40 PST
Dear All,

I've talked before about my variegated Cardamine californica var. sinuata 
(tuberous) grown from seed a friend shared she had saved from a local 
population. Jane asked me to write something about it for NARGS. I've 
struggled to get good pictures and this year it has been looking especially 
nice. One of my hiking friends who visits from Oregon was interested in 
seeing them and he took pictures for me and Jane using a tripod and I have 
added them to the wiki.

They are growing in an area I try to keep native and also don't water in 
summer growing under redwoods which is always a challenge. But this patch 
has been doing well. Companions: Oxalis oregana, Viola sempervirens, 
Chlorogalum pomeridianum, Lilium maritimum, Dicentra formosa, Vancouveria 
planipetala. I think the Lilium would like more light and the Dicentra in 
these conditions merely hangs on and does not spread and I've been 
unsuccessful getting any of the Trillium ovatum seed I've added there to 
come up and grow even though there are a few growing in our neighborhood in 
undeveloped areas. This year the Cardamine has really been floriferous 
making me give second thoughts about my sometimes saying that I grow this 
just for the leaves.
It has been very delicate and beautiful.…

I've sometimes said that this plant is my Northern California version of 
Cyclamen. It goes dormant late summer and reappears in December.

Mary Sue

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