Tiny bulbs

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 16 Feb 2004 10:03:34 PST
Dear Trough Growers,

I don't have a trough and haven't tried to grow anything in one. After 
hearing a woman with hot summers say she had to water hers every day, 
sometimes more often I lost interest. Perhaps this is a dumb question and I 
expect I'll be flooded with references to reading about troughs. If you 
were picking tiny bulbs to go in a trough for year round interest, wouldn't 
they have to be bulbs or corms that would be happy with wet conditions both 
in winter and summer? I know on this list a lot of people have reported 
successes with bulbs that are supposed to be kept dry during dormancy and 
weren't. Presumably the other plant roots would be sucking up the moisture 
too and I assume the mix would have a lot of air in it as well. Normally a 
lot of California bulbs are recommended for a dry dormancy. And I lost all 
the rhodohypoxis I left out to be rained on in winter, but they come back 
fine kept semi-dry. Delphinium nudicaule and Delphinum luteum both come 
back in containers with other plants watered year round however, but I 
suppose their leaves might be a bit robust and their tendency to reseed 
could be a problem too.

Mary Sue

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