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J.E. Shields
Wed, 25 Feb 2004 04:59:04 PST
Susan et al.,

There are lots of books, some hard to find.  I list some on my web pages, 
such as:…   at the very 
bottom of the page (scroll all the way down).

Each genus page in that section has a list of books at the bottom, mostly 
the same but each genus tends to have one or two special books too.

Jim Shields
in central Indiana (USA)

At 11:15 PM 2/24/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>>  >>If you are interested in growing South African bulbs that are mostly 
>> from winter rainfall areas I highly recommend The Color Encyclopedia of 
>> Cape Bulbs by John Manning, Peter Goldblatt, and Dee Snijman.
>**I'm rather overwhelmed by the amount of information offered on the pbs list.
>Are there any other bulb books listers would recommend?
>I put The Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs on my wish list.
>Now to win the lottery.
>The only catalog I have on hand to use as reference is last year's 'Brent 
>and Becky's Bulbs', and I do an occasional google search.
>I am also entranced by the C. chrysanthus 'Prins Claus' pictured today.
>All the photos, all of them, have been mind boggling.
>Too many plants to learn, too little time to grow them.
>susan hayek
>fortuna, northern coast of ca, (we can see a peek of water), Zone 9
>very very VERY windy tonight, my cuttings are taking a beating
>Owned by Jasper & Schubert the Standard Poodles, Pup-Quiz the Basenji, 
>puppy Basenji boy, Jones, & Gracie the Rhodesian
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