BAH! - Babiana

James Waddick
Thu, 19 Feb 2004 09:28:42 PST
>I've found that I can't seem to grow Babiana at all.  I've tried 
>them in 6-inch pots and in 2-gallon pots.  They do not do well in my 
>cool greenhouse in winter, it seems.
>Jim Shields

Dear All;
	I'll echo Jim S's comments about Babiana, too. I find them 
worthless here in pots, cool greenhouse, cold frame trying to get 
them to bloom any way. My friend, the late Bob Ward, had very good 
luck protecting them in Little Rock Arkansas.
	Mary Sue mentioned changing hemispheres. I'd bet these 
bargain bags of Babiana are all Dutch grown and are as much on 
northern cycles as they get.

	Chalk up another bulb exclusive mild climate success.

		Best	Jim W.

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