Propagating Eucomis vandermerwei
Wed, 04 Feb 2004 04:21:35 PST
Hello Fellow Eucomis Fans,
I also found that my E. vandermervei is quite shy about seed production.  Of 
the three I have from seed, one bloomed in 9 months.  I was diligently 
pollinated and only one capsule formed.  The others are sitting quietly.  I will 
attempt again with the other two distinct clones and see if the plant is somewhat 
more fertile with that pollen.  As for the leaf production, I had no success 
from a leaf accidentally severed in midsummer.  I will try it on the plants 
that have not become dormant (2 of 3 are still "green" but not actively growing).

An unusual formation on a floral stem from last August was found last week.  
I let the vase dry out and left the inflorescenses because they looked nice, 
even dead.  While cleaning out the now weary stems, I found one, without water 
or soil, was still alive and had calloused, producing bulbous growths on the 
base of the stem!  Outrageously tenacious! They were a mixed grouping of E. 
bicolor/autumnalis/comosa.  I didn't keep track, but I think it's a comosa. 

Best regards,

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