Malodorous eucomis

David Fenwick
Wed, 04 Feb 2004 15:39:20 PST
Being short of space here doesn't help and I'm always getting told off by my
wife. Having grown Dracunculus vulgare beside the bar-b-que and Eucomis
bicolor beside the kitchen door she knows all about dead mice.

In defence of my bulbs I tell her that we'll have less flies in the house if
there is something to attract them outside, and yes it seems to be working,
both on my wife and the flies.

That said, this year I became a lot more aware of how important Eucomis are
as a garden plant because many native insects were being attracted to them
for their nectar, not just flies of various descriptions but butterflies,
moths and hoverflies. Eucomis bicolor was exceptionally good in attracting
day flying Jersey Tiger moths into the garden and these aren't regularly

Best Wishes,
Dave (Plymouth, UK)

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