Smaller Narcissus--TOW

Lyn Edwards
Wed, 11 Feb 2004 07:11:15 PST
Another TOW featuring one of my all time favourites, the smaller Narcissus.
I guess the cyclamineus,both the species and the cultivars are at the top of
my list and Bill Djik's Daffy Duck is on my "desperately want" list for the
future after seeing Bill's image of this on ABimages, if and when it becomes
available here in Aus.I'll be among the first in line.

	Apart from what isn't possible yet there is what is, terrible grammar
that,and here we are very fortunate to have Rod Barwick's wonderful
miniatures without the problems of turning them around. One of the great
joys of the new year is the arrival of Rod's Glenbrook catalogue-a treasure
trove of wonderous miniature Narcissus and other delectable bulbous goodies
to agonise over with the budget in mind.

	His bulbocodiums Smarple and Spoirot have already been mentioned but there
is also Kholmes, Olumbo and Mitimoto,a lovely lemon hoop petticoat, and that
is just naming a few.I am also very fond of a Triandrus cultivar Little
Missus from the same source.

	This is starting to sound like an advertisement which is not my intention.
The smaller daffs are wonderful as potted bulbs and its possible to have
quite a large collection, small plants don't take up much room and are very
decorative and easy to care for on the whole,there is also early flowering
varieties bringing delights during winter.

	The plant societies are a wonderful resource for seed of the species and I
am hopeful that the coming season will see babies close to flowering and who
knows ? maybe something in those seed pots will flower this time
Lyn Edwards
approx zone 8 USDA

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