Digital cameras
Mon, 02 Feb 2004 11:38:59 PST
Jamie said...

> ... take a look at the Canon PowerShot series.  I have the
>  A40, with 2M pixels and find it great for in the
>  garden...

All my most recent pictures at
have been taken using an A40 I find it an excellent camera
for general use.  They (or more recent equivalents) are
very reasonably priced for their features, mine was
something like US$300 a year ago but should be cheaper now.

If you turn the camera on, point it at something and push
the button, you'll get a photo - which is encouraging
when you're starting out.  Using the macro and zoom (but
still on automatic) I get some good flower photos.  In
manual mode there are plenty of things to play around
with if you have the time and/or inclination.

Of course, there are many good cameras on the market
these days, I've used Nikon CoolPix 950s a lot and found
them excellent too (although significantly more expensive
at the time).  I've seen some truely excellent flower
photos taken with Ricoh cameras too.  I still like my
Canon, all things considered.

Andrew, in NZ.

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