Tiny bulbs

Harold Koopowitz hkoopowi@uci.edu
Fri, 13 Feb 2004 14:16:00 PST
How hardy should the bulbs be?
Many of the South African bulbs are quite tender. I use some in my troughs 
but remember I am southern California.

At 11:40 AM 2/13/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>I'm working on an article on bulbs small enough to be suitable for 
>cultivation in troughs (the concrete-like basins often used for the 
>cultivation of alpines and small xeric plants). The main criteria are : 
>(1) short stems; (2) slow to moderate rate of increase; (3) attractive 
>flowers; and (4), most important, low-lying or sparse foliage that will 
>not look messy as the bulbs mature. There are many well-known bulbous 
>genera that have little-known miniature members (e.g., Colchicum, 
>Narcissus). Can forum members suggest some of their favorites that would 
>be suitable? I particularly need information on genera I don't grow 
>myself, such as Australian and South African ones.
>Thanks in advance,
>Jane McGary
>Editor, NARGS Rock Garden Quarterly
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