Ledebouria and Eucomis

Jamie geophyte@sbcglobal.net
Thu, 05 Feb 2004 12:05:38 PST
Anyone interested in Ledebouria might want to check out the Drimia species 
from Somalia offered by 'Out Of Africa'. http://www.out-of-africa-plants.com/

I have grown this for two seasons in full sun, and it is quite striking. (I 
winter it dry, but out-of doors) I'm by no means a botanist, but it has 
flowering parts quite similar to the various Ledebouria I grow. I believe I 
heard that there is considerable "flexibility" in the classification of 
these two genera, and the related Scilla as well.

I am very interested in the recent postings regarding Eucomis leaf 
cuttings. Are the cuttings best taken in the autumn? Are cuttings nearest 
the bulb generally more successful than those taken further up the leaf?

Near Berkeley, CA

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