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Sun, 22 Feb 2004 08:36:12 PST
A quick comment in reply to some statements made by Jim, quoted after. 
This is only a comment, not promoted to be accepted as fact, but to be 
considered in relation to the findings in "The Growth of Bulbs". I would 
believe that fertilizer balance would be very different for large scale 
bulb production compared to growing bulbs for bloom. It makes sense that 
the findings would show heavier Nitrogen regimen, because the producers 
are trying to increase bulb size and/or division. This idea may not 
apply to those growing to produce a fine flower head. Phosphorus is 
important for encouraging bloom. If this has already been discussed, my 
apologies. I'm behind and have not read through everything.

J.E. Shields wrote:

> Hi Kathy and all,
> Bulb food is a fascinating topic, but let me second the comments of 
> Alberto.
> Those findings dealt mainly with Narcissus, Tulip, and a few other 
> varieties of bulbs that are produced commercially in huge quantities.  
> We have to extrapolate from those to other bulbs. 

> In all cases the bulbs need relatively large amounts of nitrogen (N) 
> and potassium (K) and relatively little phosphorus (P).

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