TOW: Veltheimia

Bill Dijk
Sun, 01 Feb 2004 01:02:01 PST
Hi Folks,

I can't resist commenting on those beautiful, popular TOW Veltheimia's,
another one of my favourite plants.
I won't add anymore to the already well covered topic, I leave all the
lyrical waxing to Michael Loos, another keen Veltheimia grower.
Instead I will add a few Veltheimia hybrids raised and selected colour
variations pictures to the Wiki.
Go have a look and enjoy.…

Best wishes,

Bill D.

> Dear All,
> Reporting from the wetter North Coast of California....
> Several years ago my husband and I made a trip to New Zealand and were
> invited to visit Bill and Willy Dijk in Tauranga. We had a wonderful time
> and I came home wanting quite a lot of plants I wasn't already growing.
> One of them was Bill's wonderful mixed color Veltheimia.
>  Mary Sue

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