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Tony Avent
Sat, 07 Feb 2004 09:02:26 PST

	Another problem with the hardiness ratings for many of the South African
bulbs is that the only folks who have grown these outdoors (until recently)
are Pacific Coast gardeners...especially Southern California.  Since the
temps there almost never drop below 20 degrees F, everything gets listed as
zone 9.  Those of us in cooler climates are just now starting to compile
more acurate cold tolerance data.  It's just that we are light years behind
our counterparts on the west coast in growing these plants.

	You are compiling an interesting list of South African bulbs.  Our climate
is similar as far as moisture (around 50" per year), but not quite as cold
in the winter.  For us Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Green Goddess' is the
weakest growing of the Z. aethiopica cultivars.  We can't keep this alive
in zone 7.  Try Z. 'Whipped Cream' or Z. 'White Giant'.

	Gladiolus tristis and the "homoglad" hybrids have been truly amazing.  We
have customers in a solid zone 6 that have had great success with these
outdoors.  Of all the species glads so far, this and G. dalenii have been
the best.  

	We have had success with most kniphofias including sarmentosa, citrina,
rooperi, northiae and many more outdoors.  I did manage to kill K. hirsuta,
but am preparing to try again.

	All of the Dieramas that we have tried have done well, but D. igneum is
particularly fine.  We planted many more bulbs last season and am looking
forward to an interesting to spring season.

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