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Pacific Rim paige@hillkeep.ca
Fri, 27 Feb 2004 20:11:04 PST
Mary Sue Ittner wrote:

 I am still
> hoping Paige, Kelly or Russell will tell us about which Tulips they sell
> well in different parts of the country before this latest topic is done.

Mary Sue, I've kept my head down because this is a crunch period what with
spring startup, shipping, final arrangements on Jim Waddick's and my Peonies
of China study-tour in April, and departure next week for the NARGS Western
Winter Study Weekend in Oregon. (Cue violins).

I haven't had tulip complaints. My website stresses that tulips need a cold
winter and do not like a wet one.

I don't think it's worthwhile to isolate particular species that do better
in one part of the world than others. The needs of Tulipa species are more
general. Some hybrids, typically found in garden centres, can take
wet-winter, chocolate-soil, "non-Tulipa" conditions for a few years, but
they gradually dwindle and require replacement.

Nor have I have I kept track of who orders tulips as a special class, but
off the top of my head many of them live in Mediterranean climates that
sometimes drop below zero Centigrade, or in places with heavy snow such as
Ontario and Quebec, eastern Washington and Oregon, the Rockies from Alberta
to Colorado, Germany, eastern Europe and the Baltics, the former Soviet
Union and (wait for it) Iran. So far no orders from Iraq!

Rock gardeners who order species tulips tend to be aware already of how to
control soil porosity and drainage with grit, rocks, overhead protection and
what have you. I have some Tulipa that have been coming up for years. I
think their main constraints are water in spring, and too much shade before
they die down. They would rather have sun and a dry period that does not
imply dessication, but rather faintly moist coolness in gritty soil with no
additional water from above.

I am very sorry but it cannot be that all who know a little about a subject
contribute to it. Once again I must put my head down and withdraw.


Paige Woodward

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